If you kiểm tra out the programs installed on your PC, you might come across a program called Akamai NetSession client. Now, you might not remember installing it or when Akamai Netsession Interface download has been done in the first place. You might wonder what is Akamai NetSession Interface and where it came from. Well, we bring you this handy guide, which will answer your queries.

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A Quick Guide to What is Akamai Netsession Interface

Table of Contents1. What is Akamai NetSession Client?2. Installation of Akamai NetSession Client on your PC3. How does Akamai NetSession Work?4. Key Features of Akamai NetSession Interfaces5. How can you Stop Akamai NetSession Temporarily?6. How can you Verify if a NetSession Component tệp tin is from Akamai?6.1. Verifying in Windows62. Verifying in Mac7. How can you Uninstall Akamai NetSession Client?7.1. Uninstalling in Windows7.2. Uninstalling in Macintosh8. Progress Bar Showing the Distribution of Akamai Installs Across Windows OS Globally

What is Akamai NetSession Interface?

The Akamai NetSession Interface is a secure application which when installed on your PC, upgrades the speed, reliability, và proficiency of data and truyền thông media downloads and đoạn phim streams from the internet. Many software and truyền thông media publishers use this interface to lớn bring files or streams khổng lồ you.Akamai NetSession Interface has a feature which if enabled can use a small amount of your upload bandwidth to enable other users of the interface to tải về pieces of the truyền thông media publisher’s nội dung from your computer. It runs in the background and uses an insignificant amount of your upload bandwidth when you are not actively downloading content.

Installation và Download

Akamai NetSession client at times comes pre-installed on your PC or it comes bundled with a significant number of applications and programs – especially with games that you install on your PC. Most of the times you vì chưng not notice when it gets installed with other software because you usually are in a rush to lớn click on the “I agree” button while installing software.
Click for Larger Version
Click Change/Remove, & then click Yes lớn confirm your decision.Uninstall Successful

Uninstalling in Macintosh

Use the Finder khổng lồ go lớn the NetSession Interface installation folder, which is normally ~/Applications/Akamai/.Double-click the uninstaller app & confirm your choice.

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Progress Bar Showing the Distribution of Akamai Installs Across Windows OS Globally

Progress Bar
Windows OS Percentage Wise Akamai Installs
Percentage of OS Akamai Runs On


We hope we were able to lớn bust some myths about Akamai NetSession Interface. This interface neither is a spyware/malware nor is it a security threat. Hence, it is safe lớn have it on your machine and you can remove it anytime you want to. If you have any doubts or want to nói qua your experience, feel không tính phí to mention in the comment section below.